Jenny | 5 things that make me feel fierce

I wouldn't describe myself as fierce, per say. Being more thoughtful and reserved by nature, I am always working on ways to be a little bolder, even just for me. These are some things I've found that make me feel stronger, braver, more capable, and sometimes when the moment is right, even unstoppable.


1 | Trying a new yoga pose or yoga transition. When I'm on the mat with no one but myself to worry about, there is something so freeing and creative. It feeds my courage to try all sorts of new things in life. 

2 | Saying no. Someone once said that trying to please everyone was the first step to unhappiness. And I have found this is really true for me. I like to help. I like to please. But trying to please everyone is exhausting and fruitless. Sometimes saying no (even to myself) is just necessary and doing it without guilt is just as necessary to assert my own priorities and limits.

3 | Getting up early. Man oh man, it's hard. But now that boyfriend sleeps in a little later, it's like I get this bonus window of time just for me. I can workout. I can fold laundry. It helps me feel like I got a head start on the day. 

4 | Running. Being more inclined to breathe-and-bend, my idea of a run may not be everyone's idea of a run. Still, there is something about going a little farther than I thought I could, using a little more energy than I thought I had, and feeling my heart beat.

5 | Childbirth. I know what you're thinking. I was extremely apprehensive about Penn's delivery. But even just thinking about it now gives me a little boost. While it's not the case for everyone, I was so lucky to have a smooth delivery and walked away with really positive, joyful memories. It reminds me I can do things I'm afraid of. And it reminds me how beautiful things happen, hard things first.