eat well | 7 ways to dress up your brown rice

Brown rice is easy, whole grain, gluten-free goodness. It's loaded with antioxidants and fiber and hasn't been stripped of all of it's nutrients (like white rice in the refining process). And because it's less processed, you won't get the blood sugar spike you get with refined grains. It is for sure our number one staple, served with a protein and veggie. But we'd be lying if we didn't say plain brown rice can be so boring. The good news is, it doesn't have to be. There are so many delicious ways to dress it up. It can be as simple as adding a little chicken broth and your favorite salsa. There are so many simple fixes that keep it just as healthy and effortless (although you can certainly elaborate). We've collected a handful of our favorites just for you.


1 | fresh squeezed lemon juice + a bit of parmesan + parsley

2 | low sodium soy sauce + pineapple + green onions

3 | fresh squeezed lime juice + cilantro + chopped bell pepper

4 | chicken broth + garlic + black pepper

5 | vegetable broth + basil + cherry tomatoes

6 | low sodium soy sauce + freshly grated ginger + caramelized onions

7 | fresh squeezed lemon juice + lemon zest + chopped arugula