think well | dwell

what we dwell on is who we become -oprah | swell mama

As this time of year gets busier and as the holiday goodies start making a regular appearance, it's easy to feel discouraged about any goals we have set or progress we have made. We go home from parties feeling guilty about how much or what we ate. As we dwell on these imagined failures (we don't even like that word), it sets us up to continue to "fail" and eventually want to give up. The good news is, simply changing how we respond to and perceive these situations can change everything. When we dwell on those veggies we ate first, that run we squeezed in, and how good the good things make us feel, we become that person that fills their life with more good stuff. It gets easier, more natural, and changes completely how we feel about our choices and who we are. Quoted: Oprah Winfrey