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We love that the new year brings so much motivation for a fresh start!  But what happens when it's not the new year anymore?  What happens in the coming days, weeks or months when that idea of a fresh start just isn't enough?  It's so important to have something deeper to motivate us when the year isn't so new anymore; or we're feeling discouraged about not accomplishing our goals yet.  That deeper motivation has to come from something we're really connected to and passionate about.  A common question with our clients (and ourselves) is "what is motivating you?".  We've found that just being motivated by wanting to look better or to be at a certain weight doesn't always help to bring lasting change (cue yo-yo dieting and every new money making fitness trend). But when we dig a little deeper and identify our motivation with how we feel, connect it with relationships, long term goals, and other important parts of our lives, that motivation becomes more meaningful and productive. Finding this motivation goes hand in hand with creating a wellness vision. So take a few moments this week to pin down what's really inspiring and motivating to you and write it down. Maybe you've already realized there needs to be a shift and maybe you're just searching to find some?!  Is having energy to keep up with your toddler what you need to keep you fueling your body with healthy food? That big hike you have planned for this summer? To be in a better mood? Maybe you're done with ups and downs. Maybe it's having less stress when you get dressed because you're uncomfortable with your body. Whatever it is, write it down and think about it on a daily basis.  If you can't seem to find any motivation, start brainstorming!  Would signing up for a race be motivation to keep you working on your exercise goals?  Would saving some money be enough motivation to help you to not eat out as much? Is there something you would like to do that you've never thought possible? We're all different and motivated by different things, so figure out what keeps you going and make it apart of your plan!  You've got this!