swell substitutions | alternative pastas

So you have a goal to cook healthier but you're feeling overwhelmed by trying to throw together new recipes every night?!  We are right there with you. Luckily, it doesn't have to be that hard! That's why we've started a healthy substitutions series to give you ideas for healthy items you can replace in any old recipe.  First up... whole grain pasta!

whole grain, veggie, brown rice pastas for simple healthy meals

Whole grain instead of plain white pasta | Making this switch will give you extra fiber and nutrients that you wouldn't get sticking to the refined stuff. And these days it's so easy to get any kind of pasta or noodle in any whole food (whole wheat, brown rice, veggie).  Lasagna? Homemade mac and cheese?  Spaghetti? You can make all of your dinner favorites healthier and heartier with a simple switch.