move well | 30 second abs

To kick off what we hope to be a marvelous weekend (adios, polar vortex. thursday is the new friday, right?), we thought we'd have you drop and do 30 seconds of simple, effective ab work. Right now. Where ever you are. It's just enough to help you to pull in that tummy-- whether you're going out or chasing wild bambinos. The wonderful thing about our bodies is it doesn't always have to be a perfect, comprehensive workout every time. Squeezing in a little here and a little there is sometimes the only way it can happen. And it is definitely worth it. You might even find yourself going long beyond 30 seconds.

note: If you're sinking or collapsing into your back you may not feel much more than discomfort in your back. Stay tall, lifted, and supported by your abdominals. Think less about going backward, more about using your abs to change the shape of your spine. modification: you can place a rolled up towel or small ball behind your tailbone. challenge: place a ball or a ring between your thighs, near your knees. Add a few pulses in on the ball or ring!