live well now | strength (not the muscle kind)


So we've already talked about figuring out our wellness vision, finding motivation and setting SMART goals to start to create a healthy life.  Today we've got another strategy for you.  Identify your strengths.  On the road to making healthy changes, it's easy to see our weaknesses.  We often compare ourselves to others (even easier in this nonstop social media world) or just focus on the goals we didn't accomplish.  If we're going to make changes we have to figure out how to make it work for us.  And that's where finding your strength comes in.  So ask yourself this question right now... What are your strengths?  Take some time to think about it then make a list (a mental list is good, writing it down is better).  Oh and they don't have to be related to health.  Not coming up with any? Ask family members or close friends. We bet they'll come up with a nice long list for you.  Now take those strengths and figure out how you can apply them to your health goals.  Are you an amazing organizer?  Then you'd probably be awesome at organizing healthy meals for the week.  Are you an aspiring graphic designer?  Design a cool workout chart or healthy eating schedule to keep on your fridge as a cute reminder.  Do you devour books on a regular basis?  Add in some reputable and inspiring health books to keep you on track with your goals.  We know your strengths are endless so the trick is finding a way to work them in with your health goals.  It's time to stop feeling bad about what everyone can do and remember everything you're good at. Use those strengths and make that wellness vision happen!