swell feature | whitney of sonnet james

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Today we're so excited to be featuring one seriously talented mama, Whitney of Sonnet James. We love to learn from and to be inspired by other women. And as we've watched Whitney launch a beautiful and modern line of "play dresses for playful moms", we've noticed that she truly lives that playful and beautiful life that she's designing for; a life we believe in whole-heartedly. Here are Whitney's 5 things that help me to be a playful mom. We hope you'll be as inspired by her as we are (and if you haven't already, go check out her dresses!).

1. SLEEP! I usually try and get in bed at 9 and read or write and then try and be asleep by 10 pm. It's not the most exciting night life but it makes the world of difference to how I parent the next day. 

2. Food. I'm sort of a like a small child. I just need enough sleep and food to be happy. I try hard to have a really good breakfast every morning, either oatmeal with sautéed bananas or scrambled eggs on toast. Oh and a glass of orange juice every morning, for sure. 

3. Exercise. I exercise probably more for mental health than for my physical health! Exercise makes me feel so much happier. My exercise of choice is yoga and walks. Hatha, vinyasa and gentle are my favorite. I also love to dance. I try and not take life too seriously and dancing helps me do that. As weird of dance moves as possible!

4. Prayer/meditation. Having a few quiet moments everyday helps me focused on what's important and what my goals are for the day.

5. Appreciate every little thing. A few years ago I had a life changing experience that left me looking at life in a whole new way and feeling so happy for the smallest things. Every single day is a gift and even the toughest days are filled with things to be grateful for.