move well | side leg series 4 ways

We love our side leg series. We could sum it up in one word: glutes. Typically it's as simple as small lifts or circles with your top leg. Whether you find yourself in a class that is moving a little too fast or your tried and true home workout is losing its luster, there is an option to make this series work for your body. The key to having a successful Pilates practice (and yoga too) is to make the right personal progression by knowing your modification and variation options. All four options here will keep the focus in the hips and glutes, and as you progress, bring more emphasis to the core. 

1 | Lie flat, head supported by your bottom arm. This is a great place to start. You will get all the glute work while supporting your neck and core.

2 | Support your upper body with your bottom forearm, elbow lines up under shoulder. This is a great moderate option that will help build stability in the shoulder. The top hand can come to the ground for more support or the top hip for a challenge.

3 | With the upper body supported by the forearm, lift the hips. Create a long, straight line from head to heels. This takes the most shoulder and core strength of the four and is certainly the most sweat inducing, multi-tasking option.

4 |  Bring your bottom hand to the ground, lined up with your shoulder, and lift to support yourself with your knee. The top leg is extended to lift. This option will challenge your stability the most, without so much work in the shoulder.