prepare well | lunch ideas

How many times a week do you just open the pantry or fridge and stare.. looking for something to eat.. wondering what you can throw together for your growling tummy and toddler?  Since we're big list people, we've found having a little list of meal ideas on the fridge is a great way to have some new healthy ideas ready to go.  So here's our lunch list.  It's simple, it's healthy and will give you a little variety to your pb and j.  Add these ingredients to your next grocery list and you'll be set! Oh and we always like to have a some fruit and a big glass of water with lunch too! 

mini margherita pizzas | an easy favorite at our house for my husband and toddler

mini margherita pizzas | an easy favorite at our house for my husband and toddler

veggie wrap | whole wheat tortilla, hummus, cucumbers, bell peppers, shredded carrots, greens and any other favorite veggies (add quinoa for some extra protein)

rice bowl | brown rice, black beans, salsa, any extra veggies you have around, avocado and cilantro.. so simple and so so good

mini margherita pizzas | whole wheat pita bread or english muffins, marinara sauce, tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil. cook at 425 for 10 min. add basil after cooking.

avocado toast with white beans | toasted whole wheat bread, smashed white beans (cannelli or white), avocado, arugula and a little salt and pepper

salmon salad | microwave salmon fillet for 1-2 minutes or until it is cooked through, throw on a bed of greens with a few squeezes of fresh lemon juice.

spinach veggie omelet | eggs, spinach, any other veggies and a bit of reduced fat cheese.  cook in a heated skillet and enjoy!