snack well | mix it up : pistachios + sunflower seeds

We know that what we put into our body matters. We can all recognize how food affects the way we feel, how our body functions, and the way we look. Often times though, there is a disconnect when it is actual snack-time or meal-time. Our hankerings or our immediate needs (hunger) usually take over. So having something ready to go in our mouth at the drop of a hat can be an enormous lifesaver and can ultimately make the difference in our success. And for such a task, we find that a nut/berry/seed mix is the perfect option for so many reasons. It takes very little preparation, is easily portable, stores well, has endless variations, satisfies hunger (good fats), and can ward off cravings (especially if you add just a little something sweet).  Here's a favorite combination that we love. 

pistachios + sunflower seeds + dried cranberries + golden raisins.