swell feature | at the market with brittany mullins

We had the pleasure of meeting up with one of swell mama's favorites and another RVA local, Brittany Mullins of Eating Bird Food. Health Coach and blogger, she believes that healthy food should be enjoyed (us too!). And she knows her stuff when it comes to navigating a grocery store. We met up at Ellwood Thompson's, a local favorite, where she shared with us some of her very favorite staples and a couple less common finds. We even got her to share some fabulous recipes and links.


Kale | I love all green leafy vegetables but kale is one of my favorites. I like to use it raw in salads like this Garlicky Kale or this Kale & Cabbage Pad Thai Salad

Twin Oaks Tofu | This is the only tofu I buy. It's non-gmo, organic tofu that's made locally in Virginia. It's extra-firm texture makes it wonderful for stir-fries or salads. 

Almond Milk | This my go-to non-dairy milk product. I use it for oatmeal, cereal, smoothies and baking. It's dairy-free and works great in baked goods! Here are a bunch of recipes you can make with almond milk

Apple Cider Vinegar | This stuff is amazing! I make a little ACV "cocktail" with 2 Tablespoons diluted in water each morning! More all about it's amazing health benefits.

Chia Seeds | Yes, these are the same seeds used for chia pets! They may be small but they pack a ton of nutrition -- they're loaded with omega 3 fatty acids, protein and fiber. I'm a big fan of making chia pudding or chia jam, adding them to my smoothies and oatmeal or using them to replace eggs in baked goods.

Antioxidant berry mix

Berry Antioxidant Mix | I love trail mix and this blend is one of my favorite snacks. It's got your superfood berries (mulberries and goji berries) and heart healthy nuts to keep you full.