live well now | 3 month goals

Making changes in our lives doesn't happen overnight as much as we would love them to.  When we finally realize this and that it won't happen with a magic pill or diet, it can be a little overwhelming to actually think about getting to our Wellness Vision.  We've talked about how to set SMART goals so today we have a tactic for you to keep those SMART goals focused and on track.  Once you've dreamed big and written down what a Wellness Vision looks like for YOU, take some time to focus on what aspect of that wellness vision you think you could work on and start to achieve in the next 3 months. 

These 3 month goals aren't as specific as SMART goals, but they'll give you more direction and focus in working towards your long term goals.  Maybe your wellness vision includes a consistent yoga practice, planning meals, having daily meditation, and being more grateful.  To work on all of those things in one week sounds like a lot, especially with all the other demands of life.  So set one goal you'd like to accomplish in 3 months and then base your weekly SMART goals around that 3 month goal.  As you work on a specific area like this for 3 months it will help you to make it more of a lifestyle change. You'll be able to make adjustments and really make this healthy habit work for you.  In our busy lives as we are giving attention to family, work, and other tasks, it can just seem like too much to take on an overhaul of our health. But if we can decide to give a little attention to one area for a few months, it might just start to become a part of who we are.  Maybe you want to work on improving your breakfasts for the next 3 months?  Put your SMART goals to work by planning healthy breakfasts each week and giving your morning meal the focus it deserves.  Maybe you'll start to feel so great with that morning smoothie that you'll make more healthy choices through out the day.  What an awesome side effect!  Whatever it is you want to improve, give it the attention it deserves for a few months and let it become a part of you.  That's what this is all about, right?!