We are vinyasa loving, real food eating mamas. We share simple ways to eat, move, think, and breathe well as we celebrate motherhood and these amazing bodies. We relish in simple, beautiful, soulful things.

We believe in unprocessed, real food and balanced meals (with a cherry on top). We don't do diets, guilt, or perfection. We believe in the culture of being active and movement that promotes wellness of mind, body, + spirit. We are advocates for strong, happy, balanced bodies.

We represent realistic + practical approaches to living well. And we believe we can do someting good for ourselves everyday, even with the messes and stresses of being a mama.

Maria Cannon

Born in Utah and raised in Idaho Falls, ID, Maria grew up dancing, running and playing the violin. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Exercise Science and an emphasis Fitness and Wellness Management.  During that time she also became certified in yoga through It's Yoga in Provo, UT.  Maria took a job as a health coach at EHE International in New York City following college and enjoyed working with clients from all over the country.  She continued her career as a health coach for Altius health plans in Salt Lake City, UT and Las Vegas, NV.  During that time she became a Certified Wellness Coach through the Wellcoaches School.  Maria has seen lives change and improve over the past 6 years as she's guided her clients through behavior change strategies with a positivity focus to accomplish their health goals. She and her husband, Rich have a 16 month old boy named Parker.

Jenny Redford

Born and raised in Provo, Utah, Jenny grew up skiing, singing, and dancing. She turned to Pilates and Yoga as a means to strengthen and lengthen her body for dance. Jenny received ballet training from Ballet West Academy and Boston Ballet School and attended summer training at American Ballet Theatre in New York City. She went on to certify in yoga through It's Yoga and Pilates mat and apparatus through the Physicalmind Institute. She also attended the University of Utah where she studied Health Promotion and Education. Jenny has  spent the last nine years continuing her education while working with private clients and group classes in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Richmond, Virginia. She works to help all gain strength and lean muscle tone, restore balance to tight bodies, improve alignment, and deepen the mind-body connection. She and her husband, Ryan, welcomed their son, Penn, in 2012.