live well now | smart goals

We're big fans of goals.  They keep us focused and connected to our wellness vision and give us direction to what we're working on now.  Did you know there's actually some strategy to setting goals?  I know, it's hard enough to accomplish a goal but now we're telling you to change how you set your goal?  Well yes... but this is to make those goals more productive and accomplishing them will become more likely! How we set goals can actually create success and motivation on a daily basis.  So here are some simple guidelines to set SMART goals for your wellness.

Set smarter goals | swell mama

S- specific.  It's easy to say "I'm going to eat healthier" this week, but there are so many ways that can be too overwhelming to actually make that happen. Pick one area you'd like to work on for a day, week or month and let that be your focus.

M- measurable.  How would you measure "eating healthier"?  There are so many ways, and it's going to be different for each person, so set a goal that is a good area to measure for you.  Here are some ideas, "I will eat a serving of vegetables at lunch and dinner" or "I will reduce eating out to 2 times this week", etc.   

A- action based.  Make your goal something you actually DO, not an outcome.  If we set a weight goal it's easy to get discouraged when we don't get there.  Instead, set a goal to do those things that will move you in the direction of loosing weight.  Increasing exercise, eating less sugar, or increasing your vegetable intake.  That way, you can feel good about those healthy behaviors and not get hung up on a silly number.

R- realistic.  If a goal isn't realistic, it's likely you'll find more disappointment than anything.  Is it really going to be possible for you to wake up at 5 am to workout before your baby wakes up?  Maybe it is, maybe it isn't and you know yourself best. Set those small goals that you know are possible (with a bit of a challenge) to fit into your life now. 

T- time lined.  Give yourself a time limit.  A day, a week, or a month are all good time lines for SMART goals. It depends on what you're working on but set a goal for the length of time you're going to focus on it.  After you reach that time, you can adjust the goal or maybe you've mastered it and and you can move on to that next item of business. 

So here's an example of a SMART goal: "I will add in 20 minutes of mat pilates 3 x this week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) at 8:00pm after I put Parker to bed."  A little extreme, a little too detailed?  Test it out for yourself!  We recommend setting 1-2 SMART goals per week and 3 if you're feeling really ambitious.  Oh and if you don't accomplish your goal 100% this week, no worries, focus on what you did do! Stay positive and keep setting goals to make your wellness vision happen!  Success and progress in a goal = feeling accomplished = motivation to keep going = more healthy happy goals = more healthy happy people.  SMART goals are definitely the smart way to go!